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The eye doctors and opticians of Mineola/Canton Eyecare and Optical  utilize the latest technology and provide excellence for the best eyecare for both the adults and children of East Texas. Our services include eye exams, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, eye injuries, contact lenses, LASIK and modern designer fashion eye wear.  We accept vision plans including VSP, EyeMed, and medical health insurancse including Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, Aetna, Cigna and many more.

Mineola Eyecare got its start in 1946, when Dr. J. Carl Norris opened up for practice in downtown Mineola. Dr. Norris became well known and highly respected in Mineola and the surrounding areas.  He still serves the community through his work at First Baptist Church and the Meredith Foundation.  Dr. Norris retired in 1990 and that is when Dr. Andy Hawari join the practice.  For 12 years Dr. Hawari and Dr. T.D. McClenny continued the progress of the changing progression of optometry.  Dr. T.D. McClenny left the practice in December of 2002 to begin a full time commitment to serve in the missionary field.   Dr. Hawari proceeded at that time to continue the practice and became sole owner.   Now adding a part-time associate, Dr. Pat McGonagill,  we offer the latest in eye disease detection, treatment and co-management of eye surgeries such as cataract and LASIK, utilizing computerized state of the art equipment and innovative technology. For 22 years, Dr. Hawari, associates and staff have proudly served Mineola and surrounding  areas.  We continue to progress as our world and eye care change.   We implement the newest and lastest technological advances as soon as we believe they have an appropriate place in our work.  On occasion we are innovative and use advancements in technology not specifically designed for eye care,  such as the use of iPads to collect your health in take so you don’t have to fill out a bunch of paper.

Your eye examination experience at our office is very comprehensive with smooth transition  between staff and doctors. We do things first class and believe you deserve it.  Because we treat everyone with full attention and try to do things right your total exam time experience is about one hour, sometimes a little more.  If you shop our optical gallery allow more time.   Always feel free to come a browse and shop anytime.  We DO RESPECT YOUR TIME but we are not a fast doc in the box quick facility. As a rule an eye exam is a once a year event and should be done with detailed excellence, so please allow ample time to let us do it right, it's the only way we know.  

Mineola/Canton Eyecare: Our Eye Doctors provide vision and eye health exams for adults and children, contact lenses, treatment of eye disorders, eye diseases, eye strain, eye surgery services, eye injury, eye infections and many other services inclusive of:
  • Eye Exams / Vision Exams
  • Treatment of eye diseases
  • Eye injuries
  • Eye pain, Eye strain and conjunctivitis "Pink Eye", sty's
  • Contact Lenses
  • Dry eyes and treatment options
  • Eye Allergy treatment and relief
  • Cataract surgery Co-management
  • Glaucoma diagnosis, treatment and management
  • Retinal Disease
  • Macula Degeneration
  • Orthokeratology / Ortho-K 
  • Computer Vision Eye Strain
  • 3D Vision associated problems
  • Chromagen – treatment of reading difficulties associated with Dyslexia

Dr. Hawari also provides vision and eye health exam on infants 1-4 years old for the assurance of proper eye and vision develop critical at this age to avoid amblyopia, also know as “lazy eye”

Canton Eyecare & Optical Gallery:
We carry a very nice selection of eyewear incluning Designer lines for men, women and children of all ages at popular prices. We have what you are looking for and if we don’t we will do our best to find it.

Frame and Lens Warranty :
We warranty our frames and lenses for one to two years against defects or breakage. 

Buy one complete pair of glasses, you get 25% OFF  all additional eyewear purchases in the same Rx within 30 days of your initial purchase. 

Our passion for patient excellence and a warm friendly inviting atmosphere makes your experience in our office second to none.

Thanks for visiting with us and I hope you enjoy the many informative pages to follow. Email or call me if you have any questions or are in need for additional information.

Dr. Andy
Email drs@mineolaeyecare.com 

Payment Options
Payment for all services at expected at time of service.  Payment in full is preferred for all material orders of glasses and contact lenses, mininum of 1/2 the balance to order and balance at delivery.

We will file most insurance (of the ones we accept) for you.  However, payment for co-pays, un-met deductiable and non-covered items are expected at the time of service.

We also accept Debit cards and Care Credit Card with affordable monthly payment plans. If you don't have a CareCredit account, we can help you apply.

Remember you can use your: 

  • Flexible Spending Plans 
  • Health Savings Accounts(HSA) and
  • Medical Savings Accounts (MSA)
  • Cafeteria Plans for most of your eye care needs including Laser correction

All of the above plans can be used for all your eye care and eyewear needs, including eyeglasses, contact lenses routine office visits, medical office visits and surgery. We accept many Insurance and vision plans. 

Open hours may slightly change in the future

Office Hours

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Employment Opportunity
Applications are always welcome whether we are in need of staff or not.  Please fax, email or mail your resume and application to us.  It is not necessary to bring it in.  Staff manager will review and submit to office management if you are being considered.
Email: drs@mineolaeyecare.com
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